I’m having a blast playing Jenny LeClue on Apple Arcade. Such a gem! JennyLeClue.com


*Do call your MEPs.*

Seriously. Their assistants are surprisingly friendly and greatly prefer talking to actual, real people, their issues, and how the law is going to affect them. It is so much better than getting templated mails calling them to act.

Really call them. It might sound scary, but is surprisingly nice. I have had a few really enjoyable chats with them.

#DeleteArt13 #Censorship #InternetCensorship

Okay, I think my mastodon instance is stable and federates well. 🎆 Just need to find a way to activate elasticsearch without getting a shit ton of java error...

First Toot! Trying Mastodon and loving it so far! 🎉


geofox.org is one server in the network